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Stage 212 is a community theatre group located in La Salle, Illinois. Join us in celebrating our thirty-first season here in the Illinois Valley.



Stage 212's current production is

"The Wizard of Oz"



Stage 212, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the theatre arts in the Illinois Valley. Begun in 1968 as a summer project of the Spring Valley Youth Center (located at 212 W. St. Paul Street, hence the name), the community theatre group was chartered as an independent, non-profit corporation in 1970. Since then, Stage 212 has mounted more than ninety major productions (including a full-scale play or musical every three months continuously since 1979), along with one-acts, revues and traveling shows.

Stage 212 encourages persons with an interest in theatre, with or without previous experience, to become involved in its projects. Auditions for performing roles in each production are publicly announced and open to all. Volunteers are also welcome for stage, set, and house crews. All project participants are invited to become members. The corporation's business affairs are supervised by a Management Committee drawn from the membership.

The Robert D. Manahan Center for the Performing Arts is both Stage 212's production locale and its corporate headquarters. The organization's mailing address is:

Stage 212
P.O. Box 198
La Salle, IL 61301-0198

(815)224-3520 (backstage)
(815)224-3025 (ticket office)




Thank you for your interest in ushering at Stage 212. We have recently reorganized our volunteer usher program and would like to provide you with the latest details.


  • Ushers must be scheduled in advance with the Usher Coordinator.

  • Ushers must be dressed appropriately (no jeans, t-shirts or sweats).

  • Ushers will be provided with a "badge" to identify them to our patrons.

  • Ushers must arrive at least 45 minutes prior to curtain time.

  • Ushers must be courteous to our patrons at all times.

  • Ushers must stay to help with cleaning duties after the performance.

Besides the obvious duties of helping patrons to their seats, passing out programs and giving directions to the restroom, ushers will be expected to perform the following duties after the show (as instructed and assigned by the House Manager):

In return for your volunteer assistance, ushers will be allowed to view the performance free of charge. Please be aware that at the discretion of the House Manager, you will be seated in the auditorium if seats are available. Otherwise, ushers will be seated in the "Red Room".

Volunteer ushers will now be scheduled by Natalie Smigel. Please contact her by phone at (815)223-7413 or by email at to get your name registered on our master call list. It would be greatly appreciated if you would then make a habit of contacting Natalie to schedule your usher date during the three weeks prior to each production's opening (about the same time tickets would go on sale). If ushers are still needed, calls will then be made to people on the master call list. A maximum of six ushers will be scheduled per performance.



President: Joseph Ennenbach
Vice President: Jessica Stremlau
Secretary: Maryhelen Bidasio

Management Committee:
Robert Beltramini
Maryhelen Bidasio
Mary Beth Brantner
Mary Carter
Lori Christopherson
Paul Christopherson
Bill Crane
Joan Eiberger
Joseph Ennenbach
George Ferroni
Michael Garcia
Megan Goetz
Pamela Grivetti
Larry Kelsey
Rachael Mellen
Robert Mellen
Diane Prokup
Robert Prokup
Natalie Smigel
Scot Smigel
Alan Stremlau
Jessica Stremlau
John Swanson
Toni Travis
Sue Yopchick





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This page was last updated on 07/24/99.

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